Day 37 – Brigitte Part II

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In my Protection visa interview I was asked a lot of questions. My original lawyer didn’t help me, at the end of the interview she only spoke for about one minute, she didn’t even make any written submissions on my behalf. The Department of Immigration refused my visa.

My doctor told me about HALC and they represented me at the Refugee Review Tribunal.

The first thing that the Tribunal said in my hearing was that they had read my extra statement that HALC had prepared, and their submissions and that they believed me. I knew from that moment on that everything would be ok. My case was very complicated but I knew that my lawyer was always working hard to help me, I knew this because she would call and ask me questions to learn more about me, and she was also speaking with my doctor and psychologist to get letters of support.

HALC are now helping my husband and young children, who are living as refugees in Malawi, to come to Australia.

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