Day 6 – Rana (Part II)

You can read Part I of Rana’s story here: Rana, Part I

We moved to Melbourne and were married in the spring. However my new husband changed after we arrived in Australia. He did not treat me like a wife. He beat me harshly and locked me inside the house. I was not allowed to make new friends in this new country nor contact my old friends back in Syria. I was trapped. He didn’t even allow my son, now 5, to enrol in school.

I left, and now my son and I live in a women’s refuge in Melbourne. My husband then sent a letter to immigration withdrawing sponsorship of my visa. The government wanted to deport Jarl and I back to Syria. I have no money, or support, or connections in my country. I will surely be homeless where the likelihood sexual assault is high and access to government funded antiretroviral medicines is notoriously precarious. I fear that I will be unable to care for my son and that he will become an orphan – I don’t want to die –  I don’t know what will happen to Jarl if I’m not around. HALC helped me with applying for a protection visa on the basis of my fears of returning to Syria. They also made sure that Jarl could enrol in school whilst we await the outcome of our application. I am still waiting for an outcome, but at least for now we are safe.

[all names and information that might identify any individual have been changed for confidentiality purposes]

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