Day 33 – Shimran

My boyfriend Stuart has been getting more and more violent towards me over the last few months, he always starts arguments and calls me really bad names. He says “If you leave me I will tell everyone that you have HIV and you’re really a guy”.

I’m originally from Thailand, and it is true that I was born into a male body, but I am a woman and I’ve had surgery and live happily as  a woman.

One day Stuart saw me out having coffee with a male friend. When I came home that evening after work, he started shouting and he threw a whole plate of food at the wall right next to my head . I was scared because I expected him to hit me.  But I was also angry.  I’d had enough of being treated this way. So when he started shouting and yelling at me, I picked up a kitchen knife and stuck it in the kitchen door to show him that I had enough, then I left the house.

About 2 hours later, I went home, thinking that Stuart would be calmed down. There was a police car outside my place and two police officers in my apartment. The police said that Stuart had called them because I was a crazy violent person. The police said I was not allowed to stay in the apartment and had to leave that night.

I was so afraid – I had no clothes with me and only about $20. I spent the next few days sleeping on friends’ couches.

I went to see HALC and a solicitor arranged for me to go to the apartment with the police to pick up some clothes and my essential belongings.

My solicitor represented me at Court, it was so stressful, but we won and the judge told me I was not going to get any punishment or conviction.I’m so happy because I have left that relationship for good and I do not have any criminal record. Thank you so much for helping me!

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[all names and information that might identify any individual have been changed for confidentiality purposes]

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