Day 30 – George

I’m 78 now and my health is not so good. I had to go into hospital after some complications. I wasn’t sure I was going to come out to be honest.

That’s when I realised I hadn’t sorted out my will. I haven’t got much money, but I have got two paintings that could be worth a bit, I got them years ago, when I was still working. I really wanted to make sure my old friend Suzie, who’s taken care of me and kept me company the last 30 years got them.

My social worker called HALC and a solicitor and a helper (I think she was a law student) came out to see me at the hospital. What a service! They wrote up a will for me and finalised it all there and then.  Normally they do it on the computer and print it out, but because I was in bed in hospital she had to handwrite it like in the old days!

“The weight has been lifted because of the service and I may go in peace. Thank you.”

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