Day 16 – Crystal


I was born Justin, but I choose to live my life as Crystal.

I guess you could say I have faced my fair share of adversity and discrimination. People aren’t too accepting of my lifestyle and physical appearance. It’s a real shame, because I am not harming anyone else by simply being myself, and I enjoy dressing up in my finery and makeup.


I can’t even walk down the street without being targeted. Let me give you an example: I was minding my own business on a Tuesday morning and casually strolling through the streets of Kings Cross. A paddy wagon pulled up behind me and before I knew it I was being arrested. The police said I had breached my bail conditions. I kept trying to tell them that I wasn’t even on bail, but they wouldn’t listen. I was taken to the police station and locked in a cell for what seemed like forever. I called my lawyer at HALC who helped to get me out by showing the police that my bail conditions had been changed a while ago. I was pretty shaken and humiliated from the whole experience.


I am stigmatised because I am a transgender woman living with HIV. I am just thankful that a service like HALC exists to support me in times of crisis like this.

[all names and information that might identify any individual have been changed for confidentiality purposes]

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