June 9 – Alex Part II

Yesterday you heard about Suzie*, (Read Part I HERE)

Here is what Suzie has to say about the help she received from HALC:



I was introduced to HALC by one of the doctors at the clinic where I was receiving treatment as I needed assistance with a migration matter and a discrimination matter.  I could not have afforded to pay a private lawyer. I called the legal centre I spoke to a lady with a voice that made my pain decrease, her kindness and her patience with listening to every detail and then she said I could call her in case I needed someone to talk to. I had no one to talk to in those days I was lost with motherhood. She was pleasant and a good listener. My lawyer gave me her personal number which is hard in this culture to mix business and personal issues that goes to show you that you can trust her with your life.   

I had so many things to ask and every time she researched and gave me all the help I needed.  She always asked me how I was and how my daughters were and what was going on in our lives. Remember I have never met his lady but she never forgot my kids names.  She never passed any judgement.  I grew up with a lawyer as a father and it was about winning and the money after that. I never once heard him talk about his clients and see him care.  The HALC lawyers are true heroes to so many who will not want to write in for fear of being exposed. But we could be many saying the same things about all of them.  For me, I know that my future is bright because a I got help when I was about to give up. HALC stood by me and showed me the possibilities. I’m here and strong because my lawyer gave her time, worked beyond her duties and supported me. My kids will always be grateful because today they could have no mother if she had not heard that phone and said the words that she said.

*names of clients have been changed to respect and protect their confidentiality

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