June 22 – Eileen

My name is Eileen and I’m a volunteer solicitor at HALC. I first began my PLT at HALC and stayed on because I felt compelled to continue fighting for my clients’ cause.

My first couple of weeks at HALC were a big eye opener. There was one particular story that stood out to me…that was Raj’s* story.

Raj came to Australia in 2006 on a student visa. He had big dreams. He fell in love with Barry, but sadly their relationship ended when Raj was diagnosed with HIV.

Raj sought our help because he knew his HIV diagnosis would adversely impact upon his chances of permanent migration to Australia.

HALC’s solicitor, Alex, acted quickly in linking Raj up with various social and medical support services in an effort to rehabilitate him back to health.

I later found out in a psychological assessment that Raj had suffered trauma since childhood. He had been a victim of child sexual abuse by a relative, he had history of family suicides and was imprisoned and tortured by his family due to his homosexuality.

Alex recommended that Raj apply for a Protection Visa due to his fears of returning to India where he would ultimately be subject to serious harm because of his HIV status and sexuality.

Although we are waiting for a determination from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, I know Raj is in safe hands.

HALC is not just about helping people with their legal issues, it’s about saving their lives. This is part and parcel of the reason why I WANT TO LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. You can help by making a donation, every dollar counts.

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