June 17 – Hester Part II

I am immensely proud of the work that I was able to be involved in during my time at HALC. To enable this important work to continue, I urge you to GIVE THEM MONEY!

So, what about the Human Rights Commission, they deal with discrimination of this type don’t they?

Well, yes, they do, BUT there is an exemption for the Australian Defence Force, who are allowed to discriminate on the basis of disability… And it turns out that the exemption is far reaching, covering not only people involved in combat duties, but pretty much anyone who works for the Defence Force, people like Humphrey.

This means that at the present time, there are no legal protections for people with HIV who are dismissed from the Defence Force.

What this does mean is that the way forward is to advocate for law reform in this area, and this is something that HALC will pursue on behalf of people with HIV. Changing the law takes hard work and a lot of time, but HALC has done it before and I’m sure will do it again!

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