June 5 – Peter

I’m Peter, I have been a volunteer paralegal at HALC for three months. It didn’t take long for me to realise that the legal system often stinks.  The problem is a poor legal system has drastic effects on people’s lives. When no-one else will help these people, HALC does.

For example, we recently helped a client appeal the decision to refuse his partner visa at the AAT. If HALC didn’t assist this client, he would have been forced to return to his country of citizenship where the access to healthcare is poor, and discrimination against homosexuals is rife.  Also, this client would no longer be able to provide care and support for his psychologically fragile partner.

HALC’s assistance on his case means he can stay in Australia, attain proper medication for his HIV condition, and stay with the man he loves. When HALC solves people’s legal problems they also solve their personal problems – and in doing so HALC makes a real difference to their lives.  At HALC we fight the odds every day and make sure no-one is left behind.

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