Day 36 – Brigitte

Today, 20 June, is World Refugee Day, a day to reflect on the challenges faced by refugees around the world, and the courage they show in overcoming them.

Brigitte is just one of the estimated over 50 million refugees fleeing persecution.

I am from Rwanda and when I was 14 years old, I was captured during the genocide and repeatedly raped. My father was killed and since then I have fled from country to country for safety, travelling from Rwanda to Congo to Zambia to Malawi and then back to Rwanda.


Day 35 – Victor

About 10 years ago when I was overseas, someone bashed me up in a train station because I’m gay; I got knocked over and hit my head, now I struggle to remember things. When I came back to Australia I was diagnosed with HIV. I need a lot of help with everyday life, mainly because I forget things and also because I have been very depressed since my diagnosis.


Day 34 – John, Helena & baby Yan


“Absolutely excellent, could not possibly have solved our problems without HALC’s extensive assistance.

I am not over-exaggerating when I say, without this assistance/service the repercussions would have been devastating, even life threatening for Helena, Yan and myself.”

John is married to Helena, who is originally from Romania. HALC assisted Helena with applying for a Medical Treatment Visa when she was pregnant with Yan, so that Helena, who had been diagnosed with HIV, could have her baby in Australia with expert medical treatment to prevent transmission of HIV from Helena to her baby.

We assisted John and Helena to apply for a partner visa. The family are now living happily together in rural NSW. (more…)